10 Tips to increase your Feed Count

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Rockstartemplate.com has reached 150 subscribers today , yuppie . I would like to thank all the feed readers of rockstartemplate in this grand occasion . we have reached 150 readers form June 15th to September 13th .

10 Tips to increase your Feed Count :

1] Convert your Readers to Subscribers :
Encourage your readers to subscribe to your feeds . Put your subscription code at right place , so that your users can view them clearly . I suggest you to place the code at top of sidebar and below every interesting blog posts .

2] Post Quality Content :
Content is King . If your post is interesting , find your feed count increasing over night . Interesting content in the sense , your readers should read your post fully , and not like brushing the post for content .

3] Do show your count if it is less than 50 :
If your feed count is too low , don’t show it in your blog , because it will not encourage your readers to subscribe your feed . If the count is more than 50 , than it is fine .

4] Give Some incentives :
Give some incentive for your feed subscribers . Incentives like Ebook etc will encourage your readers to subscribe .

5] Notify unconfirmed Email Subscribers :
If you are an word press user try this plug-in to notify your unconfirmed email subscribers . This plug-in will compose a mail to all the pending readers to subscribe your feed .

6] Run a Contest :
Give your Feed readers some incentive to subscribe . Be honest in conducting a contest , and award your feed subscribers with some bucks.

7] Be Creative in your post :
Insert the subscription code in between your posts . Use your creativity in placing the code .

8] Get Quality Readers :
Learn to use the Social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon , Digg , delicious properly to bring quality readers , who subscribe to good articles .

9] Celebrate Your Feed Count milestone :
celebrate your Feed count milestone , so that your readers know about it . This may encourage new visitors to subscribe .

10] Use multiple methods to promote :
Don’t stick on increasing email subscriptions , also concentrate on Feed reader subscriptions , browser bookmarks , so you can get popularity from all .

and finally don’t forget to subscribe me ,

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