Simple Trick to increase your Alexa Rank

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Hello Peeps, we are not here to list down a set of Tips/Tricks to increase your Alexa ranking 😉 But we are here to tell you guys a simple trick that will eventually increase your Alexa rank.

Before 2 months our admins thought of renovating the design of the website. We posted contents frequently at-least once in every two days. We published posts on sites like Stumble Upon, Twitter, Digg and tried building a strong blogger network. While doing these stuffs, we found that attains its best Alexa Ranking, below 40,000th Rank.

After a month, I was bit busy with my other design related stuffs and hardly had time to look after my website. When I saw my site statistics, I was shocked to see my Alexa rank reduced to 100,000. My rank gradually reduced drastically. Yep, I found it hard to digest my rank..!

So the concept is simple. KEEP YOUR SERVERS TICKING., make the most out of the hosting services you use and your Alexa Rank will automatically increase. Content is KING, Blog once or twice a day. Post interesting and relevant content and bookmark the post. Also don’t over post, 1-2 post per day will do. You can see your Alexa rank increasing gradually. Keep posting and keep your Rank intact.

Happy Blogging !