How To get Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

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Social Bookmarking sites will not only help your blog to get more traffic but also gain you some quality readership. You can get more than 500+ visitors for single post or even more than that. If you recently started a blog and struggling to come to terms with this social Bookmarking services, then this is the right post for you.

So What is Social Bookmarking ?

Social Bookmarks is a service focuses on user generated content and the user base. Its something like a Super market where you ill get everything in one place.

The idea of social bookmarking is very much simple and it is totally free of charge and will help your sites conquer the search engines with ease!

Is social Bookmarking similar to Link Directories ?

Not Exactly !! But some thing similar to that kind. Social Bookmarking sites literally allow anyone to create a free account and allows the users to submit their favorite links. But the social bookmarking site will have the full control over what links were most popular and visible to everyone. The concept is Simple “share your favorite sites online”.

Now comes the big question, How to Make Traffic with these social Bookmarking websites ? or rather we can ask like, Which social bookmarking site will get you more traffic ? Find answers for all your questions below [One by One 🙂 ]

1] Twitter.Com :

Twitter may be a newbie, but it’s a Biggie..! Twitter is very simple. All we need to do is to create a new and attractive profile and find searching people from similar area of interest.

Twitter asks “what’s happening” and makes the answer spread across the globe to millions, immediately.

Here are some 5 ways to gain Popularity in Twitter,

  • Create a attractive Profile : Everyone comes to your profile page by searching similar categories . So your Profile page must be attractive enough to kindle them to click your blog links.
  • Be Active : When someone sends you a comment or a tweet, respond to them asap. The more you are active the more visitors you get.
  • Find People who have same area of interest : It’s Simple, Form a Network at Twitter and grow your business.
  • Dont Forget to display your RSS feed in Twitter page. Use site for this purpose.

2] Digg.Com :

Digg is a yet another social bookmarking site made for people to discover and share contents online. Digg is similar to that of twitter where you can share your links and stories.

First we need to get cleared that the visitors from Digg wont come for the next time, they wont click your ads, they wont subscribe your site. All they will do is bring you traffic, they will read what they actually needed from your blog, and nothing else. Many of them won’t even stay there for 10  seconds.

All we have to do to bring traffic from Digg is to be active and give popular tags in Digg Topics. If these two things are good, you can expect some huge crowd to visit your site daily.

So how to get more traffic in diggs?

  • Digg has cool feature called as ‘hot list’ on its homepage,and it’s all about how many people click or “Digg” the site. So the first thing you should remember is to get as many Diggs as possible.
  • Put attractive captions.  Your caption should be in such a way that it should make Digg users to click on it.
  • Search similar kind of blog and start forming a network. You Digg their site and vice versa. This will help your blog to gain more user visibility.

Continued.. Stay tuned for more updates…