Css 3/Html 5 Logo from W3C

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” Take Control – Your Web and Your Logo ” is the caption for the HTML 5 logo, quoted by W3c. This Jan, W3C unveiled a logo and brand identity for HTML5. As a part of brand identity campaign, W3C released the new CSS 3 Logo.

Have a look at it below,

CSS3 Logo

It may look like an Chinese Film title 😉 but the actually meaning of this symbol is, “‘The Web Platform’“. Weird isn’t it. W3C also updated the documentation supporting the logo as below,

This logo represents HTML5, the cornerstone for modern Web applications.

The logo is available under a Creative Commons 3.0 license. Hope you have already seen the HTML 5 logos and stickers. If not check the sticker (Inspired me a lot) below.

To visit the logo branding page, click here. You can create your own stunning, customized badge for your blog/site from W3C website. Pick your stickers right now and experience the new power of internet.

What do you think about the new CSS3/HTML5 Logo ??  Share your thoughts.,