Must Do Image Optimization techniques for your Site

Its very important to increase your blog/site page performance. Your Site performance plays a vital role in your Google page rank, Google search results and obviously visitor engagement. We need to identify performance best practices for images, which will increase your overall site performance drastically. Lets see some of the techniques used by site moderators […]


10 More Header Banner Design

After a positive response for our posts, ” 20 Beautiful Header Banner Design ” and ” Blog Header Design Background/Banner “, we are here again to give you another elegant set of header banner designs. This time we came up with header banner designs from different categories like weeding theme, simple glossy effect, Gaming theme […]


Meta Tag Demystified

What is a Meta-Tag ? It is indeed a good question to ask in the beginning of the post. There are number of ways that I can answer this question. MetaTag is a Information about information.., very general definition. Meta elements are HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. […]


Css 3/Html 5 Logo from W3C

” Take Control – Your Web and Your Logo ” is the caption for the HTML 5 logo, quoted by W3c. This Jan, W3C unveiled a logo and brand identity for HTML5. As a part of brand identity campaign, W3C released the new CSS 3 Logo. Have a look at it below, It may look […]


High Resolution Banner Background

Holidays are approaching and its time for you to think what you can do to make this occasion grander. Here we came up with a banner background, which you can use it for preparing a huge banner for all kind of celebrations. The banner size is 240 inches X 48 inches [20 X 4 Foot]. […]


Simple Trick to increase your Alexa Rank

Hello Peeps, we are not here to list down a set of Tips/Tricks to increase your Alexa ranking šŸ˜‰ But we are here to tell you guys a simple trick that will eventually increase your Alexa rank. Before 2 months our admins thought of renovating the design of the website. We posted contents frequently at-least […]


25+ Button Collection – Free Download

Here we go.! More than 25 Buttons, all in one Package. I’m sure that you can really make a huge difference with these buttons. So Go ahead and grab these button designs. Buttons are one of those visual elements, which will create an amazing look to ones website. We have hand-picked some of the most […]


How To get Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites will not only help your blog to get more traffic but also gain you some quality readership. You can get more than 500+ visitors for single post or even more than that. If you recently started a blog and struggling to come to terms with this social Bookmarking services, then this is […]


Google Logos Collection

Google, the No#1 Search engine company often change its Logo when there is a special occasion. We present some of them here. Below you can find some of pretty good looking Google logos taken from huge collection of logos. You can find the full collection of Google Logos HERE. Have it a look..!


Google Loves Rockstar Template

We are very happy to say that our blog got Google SiteLinks. You may ask what is Google SiteLinks ? They are nothing but the links that appear when someone searches you blog. Refer to the screenshot below., You can find 8 links below my site Url. This is what we call it as Sitelinks […]