Meta Tag Demystified

What is a Meta-Tag ? It is indeed a good question to ask in the beginning of the post. There are number of ways that I can answer this question. MetaTag is a Information about information.., very general definition. Meta elements are HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. […]


Simple Trick to increase your Alexa Rank

Hello Peeps, we are not here to list down a set of Tips/Tricks to increase your Alexa ranking 😉 But we are here to tell you guys a simple trick that will eventually increase your Alexa rank. Before 2 months our admins thought of renovating the design of the website. We posted contents frequently at-least […]


Google Loves Rockstar Template

We are very happy to say that our blog got Google SiteLinks. You may ask what is Google SiteLinks ? They are nothing but the links that appear when someone searches you blog. Refer to the screenshot below., You can find 8 links below my site Url. This is what we call it as Sitelinks […]


Top 10 Ways to get Traffic – Must do Things

Success of a blog depends on the amount of reach it gets in the blogosphere. Your content should reach millions of internet users out there. Every blogger should know how to get huge traffic with their blog. Here are the top ten ways to get a decent traffic with your blog. 1] Oral Communication :- […]


Whats new in WordPress 2.8.1

WordPress 2.8.1 update has been released. We have upgraded to WordPress 2.8.1 and its working fine. WordPress 2.8.1 fixed many bugs and as we all  know that this is a Security update. More security in the plugin admin page,  text editor loading problem solution, memory usage reduction,  bug fixes for IE, SSH2 file system requirements […]


How to Add a Search Bar in wordpress blog

How to Add a Search Bar in wordpress blog ? The answer is here . This code will be helpful for theme developers and for those who like to add search to their wordpress blog . Follow the below steps and your Blog search will be ready in 5 minutes . 1] Create a New […]


10 Tips to increase your Feed Count has reached 150 subscribers today , yuppie . I would like to thank all the feed readers of rockstartemplate in this grand occasion . we have reached 150 readers form June 15th to September 13th . 10 Tips to increase your Feed Count : 1] Convert your Readers to Subscribers : Encourage your readers […]


How To Insert Search Box in Blogger Template

Do you have a default Search box in your Blogger template ? If no , you can add one with the below code. Step 1] Goto your blogger Dashboard -> Layout Step 2] now say PageElements-> Add New Element – > Html Javascript. Step 3] Add the Following code : <div align=’center’> <form expr:action=’data:blog.homepageUrl + […]