Must Do Image Optimization techniques for your Site

Its very important to increase your blog/site page performance. Your Site performance plays a vital role in your Google page rank, Google search results and obviously visitor engagement. We need to identify performance best practices for images, which will increase your overall site performance drastically. Lets see some of the techniques used by site moderators […]


How/Steps to host a Java Application using Google App Engine

Are you wondering how to host a Java web application for no cost ? We do have lots of premium hosting services like go-daddy to host java/jsp web pages. But in this post you can find how to host your applications in Java run-time for free using Google. Yes we are going to see Google […]


Google Web Designer Review – Bring ideas to life

Google is the latest, greatest Innovation company, and it’s got something very special: A Web Designing Tool that is Simple and Powerful. Are you a Designers who had a crush on Google ? Its your time now. Google launched the Beta version of Google Web Designer. The design is distinctly Google, and we liked the […]


Ways to Test Your Web Applications

Lets discuss here about some of the ways that can be used to test a web application. First, we need to know what components/functions are mandatory for testing. Types of testing in a Web application : 1] Navigation Testing. 2] Browser compatibility Testing. 3] Usability Testing. Navigation Test is very important in web application, which […]


Install and Configure SOLR in Mac OS X

Recently i have worked on Search engine project using the Open Source Lucene and Solr distributions from the Apache project. Solr search is faster than any other search engine especially for larger sites. This post is to share our experience on SOLR . If you want to install, run and maintain Lucene and Solr yourself […]


Silverlight – Create StoryBoard to move elements

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a Story Board in Silverlight to move the elements from one position to another. Silverlight gives designers the ability to create some move effects, which can be accomplished just by few lines of code. Follow the steps in order to accomplish the task. We can […]


CSS3 Stylish Search Box with Folded Corner Effect

This tutorial shows you how to create a Folded corner effect without images. Just like the one mentioned below.., The below sample is a simple search box without a folded corner. Our tutorial shows you how to make this search box with folded effect. Step 1] Create a simple Search Box with Gradient and shadow […]


Designers Hand – Dynamic Stylesheet

Hi folks !! Today i am going to speak about the greatest problem we all face in CSS. It’s none other than writing your CSS code from scratch. Hate writing vendor prefixes for all browsers ? Hate organizing your CSS files ? Hate hard coding the same values every time in the properties field? Here […]


Change your Skin Tone in Photoshop

Why does your face look pale in the photograph you have taken ? Why does your tone fade in the pictures ? There may be several reasons behind this. This post might be helpful for a person, Who is looking for the ways to increase the tone of their skin in the pictures ( to […]


Multiple Backgrounds in CSS3

One of the biggest problem with CSS2 is its inability to add more background images to a particular division(<div>). This inability is solved in CSS3. CSS3 – Backgrounds and Borders Module has lots of new features. Adding multiple backgrounds using CSS3 is simple. It is still possible in CSS2 where we can specify a Div […]