CSS3 Stylish Search Box with Folded Corner Effect

This tutorial shows you how to create a Folded corner effect without images. Just like the one mentioned below.., The below sample is a simple search box without a folded corner. Our tutorial shows you how to make this search box with folded effect. Step 1] Create a simple Search Box with Gradient and shadow […]


Designers Hand – Dynamic Stylesheet

Hi folks !! Today i am going to speak about the greatest problem we all face in CSS. It’s none other than writing your CSS code from scratch. Hate writing vendor prefixes for all browsers ? Hate organizing your CSS files ? Hate hard coding the same values every time in the properties field? Here […]


Multiple Backgrounds in CSS3

One of the biggest problem with CSS2 is its inability to add more background images to a particular division(<div>). This inability is solved in CSS3. CSS3 – Backgrounds and Borders Module has lots of new features. Adding multiple backgrounds using CSS3 is simple. It is still possible in CSS2 where we can specify a Div […]


Border Shadow Effect in CSS3.0

Are you still using Photoshop to create a Shadow Effect for your DIV tags and setting the image in CSS ? Or Still using JavaScript to get Shadow effect for your  images ? Yes ?? Lets Stop using Photoshop  and Start Using CSS 3.0 ! One of the most coolest feature in CSS 3.0 is […]