Create a Custom Alert Box in Javascript using ShowModalDialog

This tutorial is about creating a Custom Alert Box in JavaScript. This tutorial will explain how to create a custom alert box in JavaScript using showModalDialog()/Open() function. Difference between ShowModalDialog() and Method: Return type of method is an Object, where as Window.showModalDialog() method return type is a value. If you want to get […]


Border Shadow Effect in CSS3.0

Are you still using Photoshop to create a Shadow Effect for your DIV tags and setting the image in CSS ? Or Still using JavaScript to get Shadow effect for your  images ? Yes ?? Lets Stop using Photoshop  and Start Using CSS 3.0 ! One of the most coolest feature in CSS 3.0 is […]


Sun Effect in PhotoShop

Yet another Photoshop tutorial for you guys. This tutorial is about how to create a sun effect in Photoshop. The final image gives you a sun light effect with a black background. To bring the Sun Effect in Photoshop follow the below steps. 1.Fill the background color as black[#000000]. 2.create a circle and fill it […]


Smooth Gradient Background in Photoshop

Lets see how to make a smooth gradient for any image you have using Photoshop. If you apply a smooth gradient to any image , it will give you a different graphical look with alternative color combinations. Check out the example below. Follow the steps to achieve smooth gradient in Photoshop for your images, 1] […]


Create a Water Drop Effect

Using this tutorial you can create a water drop effect in Photoshop. Follow the below steps to create a water drop effect. 1. Create a New layer and draw a circle in it. Keep the circle active. 2. Now Go to blending options and change the fill opacity to 0% percent. 3. Apply drop shadow. […]


OS inside a Browser – A Silverlight Site

Have you ever seen a Operating System inside a browser ? Have you ever seen a Internet Explorer inside a Firefox Browser 😉 ? We found a new silver light site [ ] , that implements the Online Virtual Vista operating system . It is made completely on Silver light technology, integrating each component […]


Microsoft Bing Pictures Show

The Latest buzz , Microsoft’s new search engine BING created a lot of hype.  Unlike other search engines, Bing has some nice image backgrounds. Here are some of backgrounds used in Bing homepage.


Paper Burn Effect – Photoshop Tricks

This Tutorial is about how to make a paper burn effect in Photoshop. This tutorial uses a simple trick in Photoshop to create a paper burn effect by modifying the Inner glow in the Blending Options. Step 1] Create a new layer with a black background. we are using black color because black will give […]


Zoom Effect For Text – Photoshop

This Tutorial will help you to create a motion Zoom effect for Text using Adobe Photoshop. The result will look like a zooming effect took from camera. Follow the below steps to get a Zoom effect in photo shop. 1. SELECT ANY TEXT : In our example we have taken the text as “PHOTOSHOP”. 2. […]


Photoshop Tutorial – Creating a 3D ball

This Photoshop tutorial will tell us how to create a 3D ball. Follow the below steps to create a 3D ball. 1. First step is to open a new document with size 5*5 pixel. Create a Circle in that layer and fill any color [white is preferred] . 2. Click edit and then click define […]