Must Do Image Optimization techniques for your Site

Its very important to increase your blog/site page performance. Your Site performance plays a vital role in your Google page rank, Google search results and obviously visitor engagement. We need to identify performance best practices for images, which will increase your overall site performance drastically. Lets see some of the techniques used by site moderators […]


How/Steps to host a Java Application using Google App Engine

Are you wondering how to host a Java web application for no cost ? We do have lots of premium hosting services like go-daddy to host java/jsp web pages. But in this post you can find how to host your applications in Java run-time for free using Google. Yes we are going to see Google […]


OS inside a Browser – A Silverlight Site

Have you ever seen a Operating System inside a browser ? Have you ever seen a Internet Explorer inside a Firefox Browser 😉 ? We found a new silver light site [ ] , that implements the Online Virtual Vista operating system . It is made completely on Silver light technology, integrating each component […]


Microsoft Bing Pictures Show

The Latest buzz , Microsoft’s new search engine BING created a lot of hype.  Unlike other search engines, Bing has some nice image backgrounds. Here are some of backgrounds used in Bing homepage.


10 Great Looking Silverlight Sites

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for Web. Silver light enables better user interactivity to your site . I have listed some of the greatest looking site which are developed in Silverlight . If you have never heard of Silverlight , […]