Dragonball Cartoon Characters

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Dragonball Z is the Japanese animation manga [Japanese word for Comic] series which kindles most of the youth hearts. It is based on Chinese novel Journey to the West. We in rockstartemplate.com started a new category of sharing Cartoon pictures. We invite feedback about this new series ., here we go.,

Goten :
Goten is the second and last child of the main protagonist of the series. Goku is his father and chi-chi is his mother.

Kakashi :
Kakashi is the teacher/sensei of Team 7, who wears a blue-black ninja mask in head .

Vegeta :
Vegeta is a comic character in the Dragon Ball franchise series . Vegeta is introduced as the prince of the race of alien warriors called the Saiyans.

Sasuke :
Most popular among youth , and it is a fictional character in Naruto manga anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Gaara :
Gaara another character from anime series Garra is a ninja from the Sand Village. Gaara is a ninja affiliated with Sunagakure. Another most important character from this series.

More Cartoon character will be updated in this week . Stay tuned for updates … šŸ™‚