CSS3 Stylish Search Box with Folded Corner Effect

This tutorial shows you how to create a Folded corner effect without images. Just like the one mentioned below.., The below sample is a simple search box without a folded corner. Our tutorial shows you how to make this search box with folded effect. Step 1] Create a simple Search Box with Gradient and shadow […]


Create a Custom Alert Box in Javascript using ShowModalDialog

This tutorial is about creating a Custom Alert Box in JavaScript. This tutorial will explain how to create a custom alert box in JavaScript using showModalDialog()/Open() function. Difference between ShowModalDialog() and window.open() Method: Return type of Window.open() method is an Object, where as Window.showModalDialog() method return type is a value. If you want to get […]


How to Add a Search Bar in wordpress blog

How to Add a Search Bar in wordpress blog ? The answer is here . This code will be helpful for theme developers and for those who like to add search to their wordpress blog . Follow the below steps and your Blog search will be ready in 5 minutes . 1] Create a New […]


How To Insert Search Box in Blogger Template

Do you have a default Search box in your Blogger template ? If no , you can add one with the below code. Step 1] Goto your blogger Dashboard -> Layout Step 2] now say PageElements-> Add New Element – > Html Javascript. Step 3] Add the Following code : <div align=’center’> <form expr:action=’data:blog.homepageUrl + […]