How/Steps to host a Java Application using Google App Engine

Are you wondering how to host a Java web application for no cost ? We do have lots of premium hosting services like go-daddy to host java/jsp web pages. But in this post you can find how to host your applications in Java run-time for free using Google. Yes we are going to see Google […]


Google Web Designer Review – Bring ideas to life

Google is the latest, greatest Innovation company, and it’s got something very special: A Web Designing Tool that is Simple and Powerful. Are you a Designers who had a crush on Google ? Its your time now. Google launched the Beta version of Google Web Designer. The design is distinctly Google, and we liked the […]


Google Logos Collection

Google, the No#1 Search engine company often change its Logo when there is a special occasion. We present some of them here. Below you can find some of pretty good looking Google logos taken from huge collection of logos. You can find the full collection of Google Logos HERE. Have it a look..!


Google Loves Rockstar Template

We are very happy to say that our blog got Google SiteLinks. You may ask what is Google SiteLinks ? They are nothing but the links that appear when someone searches you blog. Refer to the screenshot below., You can find 8 links below my site Url. This is what we call it as Sitelinks […]


Microsoft Bing Pictures Show

The Latest buzz , Microsoft’s new search engine BING created a lot of hype.  Unlike other search engines, Bing has some nice image backgrounds. Here are some of backgrounds used in Bing homepage.


Google’s New Favicon

Its another favicon change by web giant Google. Last update of google Favicon was done last May, 2008. This time the favicon is colorful unlike last time it is gradient. The new favicon with the letter ‘g’ surrounded by colors red, yellow, green, and blue. Google’s New Favicon : This is the new icon you […]