Change your Skin Tone in Photoshop

Why does your face look pale in the photograph you have taken ? Why does your tone fade in the pictures ? There may be several reasons behind this. This post might be helpful for a person, Who is looking for the ways to increase the tone of their skin in the pictures ( to […]


Border Shadow Effect in CSS3.0

Are you still using Photoshop to create a Shadow Effect for your DIV tags and setting the image in CSS ? Or Still using JavaScript to get Shadow effect for your  images ? Yes ?? Lets Stop using Photoshop  and Start Using CSS 3.0 ! One of the most coolest feature in CSS 3.0 is […]


Smooth Gradient Background in Photoshop

Lets see how to make a smooth gradient for any image you have using Photoshop. If you apply a smooth gradient to any image , it will give you a different graphical look with alternative color combinations. Check out the example below. Follow the steps to achieve smooth gradient in Photoshop for your images, 1] […]


Create a Water Drop Effect

Using this tutorial you can create a water drop effect in Photoshop. Follow the below steps to create a water drop effect. 1. Create a New layer and draw a circle in it. Keep the circle active. 2. Now Go to blending options and change the fill opacity to 0% percent. 3. Apply drop shadow. […]