Google Web Designer Review – Bring ideas to life

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Google is the latest, greatest Innovation company, and it’s got something very special: A Web Designing Tool that is Simple and Powerful.

Are you a Designers who had a crush on Google ? Its your time now. Google launched the Beta version of Google Web Designer. The design is distinctly Google, and we liked the Black Background. Trust me designers like black background in their design tools 🙂

This Web Designer Software inherits characteristics of other members of the Web Designer Tools family, with a Layout that looks and feels premium. But one thing that distinguish this software is its “Performance”, it’s amazing.

We do have other designing tools like Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Visual Web Developer, Expression Blend which are good for creating a complete websites with motion graphics, but after using Google web designer software we feel that it is more simpler and engaging than any other web designer tools.

Lets see some of the features listed in Google Web designer website:

1] One Idea, Any screen –

Creating a design for desktop, tablet or mobile can be achieved on all the web designer tools out there. Even though Google does it better, we are little skeptical that this can be one of there ways to promote Chrome browser, like how Microsoft does it for promoting IE.

2] Design and Code View –

We have seen this one too in other design tools. But we personally feel Google is faster than others. We can flip between code and design and we can test our design instantly.


#Thanks mainly to reduced the design time.

3] Creating timeline animations –

We can create Flash-like timeline animations. Web designer has 2 modes: Quick Mode, we dont need to worry about the frames in between. all we need to do is create the on screen animation tool to create a scene. In Advanced Mode, We have the full control of the animation frame by frame. This is also one of the common features provided by almost all design tools.

4] Ad Designing –

This tool gives us a custom Layouts for AdSense Advertising banner designing. Intend of this is likely to promote AdWords service. We can also use these custom layout to make some widgets.
5] 3-D tools –

Plenty of scope to create 3D animations using 3D translation and rotation tools. Limited 3D tools when compared to other giant 3D tools. But we can understand that this tool is just in the Beta version.

6]  Preview and Publish –

The one thing we love about Google is the integration. Google makes our easier by integrating all in one place. We can preview your design and publish them instantly.

7] Design –

No words. #simply stunning.

One last word: Its just the beginning, still lot of software versions and updates are on our way. Try it out. You will never regret it. Its worth a try.

Let us know what you think about Google Web Designer.