Photoshop Tutorial – Creating a 3D ball

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This Photoshop tutorial will tell us how to create a 3D ball. Follow the below steps to create a 3D ball.

1. First step is to open a new document with size 5*5 pixel. Create a Circle in that layer and fill any color [white is preferred] .

2. Click edit and then click define pattern. Give a new name to the pattern and save it .

3. Now create a new layer of size 800*600 pixel (Or any size you like).

4. Create a new layer and fill a pattern that you saved before.You can use Shift+F5 and select your saved pattern.

5. Turn off the background layer for more visibility.

6.Select Inner Shadow and set the Mode as Multiply and select black color(Or any other contrast color).

7.Create another copy and Change the options in Inner shadow as
ANGLE = -36
CHOKE – 40

Inner Shadow

8. Hey 3D Ball is ready now !!



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