Paper Burn Effect – Photoshop Tricks

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This Tutorial is about how to make a paper burn effect in Photoshop. This tutorial uses a simple trick in Photoshop to create a paper burn effect by modifying the Inner glow in the Blending Options.

Step 1] Create a new layer with a black background. we are using black color because black will give you the burn effect.

Step 2] Open any paper image. If not available simply use the white color background.

Step 3] Select the paper image layer and gently erase some part of it using eraser tool. So that the Result will look some thing similar to that of the below image.


Step 4] Now apply inner glow effect to the paper image layer. The inner glow effect option should look like the below image.


Step 5] That’s it! Paper burn effect is done and the final image will look like this :


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