Smooth Gradient Background in Photoshop

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Lets see how to make a smooth gradient for any image you have using Photoshop. If you apply a smooth gradient to any image , it will give you a different graphical look with alternative color combinations. Check out the example below.

Follow the steps to achieve smooth gradient in Photoshop for your images,

1] Open any image. Make a new layer by clicking Create a new layer icon.

Consider the following image.


2] Set foreground color to red and background color to white.

3] Select Gradient Tool and apply to the layer you have just created. Hold Shift and apply from right to left.

4] Make a copy of the background image by dragging it to new layer icon. Position it on top as shown to the left.

5] And finally set the Opacity of the layer to 50%.
(You can do this effect by setting the blending mode to Overlay too, see which one suits you)

And finally here comes your smoothly applied Gradient effect.


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