Sun Effect in PhotoShop

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Yet another Photoshop tutorial for you guys. This tutorial is about how to create a sun effect in Photoshop. The final image gives you a sun light effect with a black background. To bring the Sun Effect in Photoshop follow the below steps.

1.Fill the background color as black[#000000].

2.create a circle and fill it with white color[#ffffff].

3.Select the circle using magic wand and select the transform to scale as small.

4.Now fill it with brown color radial gradient.

5. Now use the lasso tool to draw a small area to delete the background white color.

6.Use the filter – distort give polar to rectangle.

7. Now rotate the canvas – 90ccw.

8.Apply wind effect from right 2times.

9.Apply wind effect from left 2times.

10.Again rotate the canvas – 90cw.

11. Distort polar coordinates from rectangle to polar.

12. select center portion using magic wand give inverse selection.

13. Apply ripple filter effect.

The Sun Effect is ready now .Try this and share your comments.