How/Steps to host a Java Application using Google App Engine

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Are you wondering how to host a Java web application for no cost ? We do have lots of premium hosting services like go-daddy to host java/jsp web pages. But in this post you can find how to host your applications in Java run-time for free using Google. Yes we are going to see Google app Engine.

Steps to host your application :

1] Download Eclipse (in my case Juno).

2] Install the Google Plugin for Eclipse (

Install Reference :

3] Create a Sample project.


4] Enter your App Id that you have created in Google App Engine.

Note: Check for project folders.
3 Folder will be create.

    1. Client – All your UI Related Stuffs goes here. Eg – Java program that adds Components to your HTML.
    2. Server – All Server side validations, business functions goes here.
    3. Shared – Stuffs like objects that you share with your server goes here.



5] Design and develop your Code. Finally Right Click on the project -> deploy and test.



Let us know if you face any issues hosting your application.