Rock songs

10 best rock songs to practice

Thanks to a seemingly endless pandemic known as obesity, spending time in the gym is more important than ever. Heck, in 2021, with another pandemic – COVID-19 – that’s probably an even bigger concern, with so many people stuck at home.

So what are you doing? You go to the gym, whether it’s a real gym, or your basement or garage setup. Heck, even going for a run is something; whatever it takes to lose that COVID 20 (pounds, that is).

Of course, no one wants to work in silence. It is hard enough for some of us to find the motivation. Which means that the right reading list is absolutely essential to a good workout. But what makes a good playlist?

We’re going to stick with good ol ‘rock n’ roll for this one and give you a list of songs to get the blood and juice flowing. No, we can’t help you with your form (because ours is just as terrible) or your ’80s inspired workout set.

What we can to do is at least participate with some suggestions of quality tracks to go to the gym. Even if it’s just your home gym.

It’s not exactly the lyrics that make it a great practice song. Although frankly, if you choose to skip a few lines, well, “burning witches” might as well be “burning calories.”

Can’t you feel the burn? Okay, maybe not. But you don’t need a good training track to train. It’s more about the feel, the beat, the groove, the beat – and Rob Zombie’s Dragula, his inaugural solo effort, has it all in spades.

It certainly wowed mainstream rock fans, and Hellbilly Deluxe’s ​​debut single remains Zombie’s best-selling song to this day. With sales of over 700,000 copies of the song, plus rotations on Spotify, Youtube, etc.

Truth be told, there are plenty of zombie tracks (of the Rob and White Zombie variety) that could fit this spot on our list of training tracks. It’s just, well, Dragula is the most memorable, extravagant, and great fun to bounce around. Millions of fans at most stalls over the years can’t be wrong. And for those wondering where the devil Dragula came from: that was the name of Grandpa Munster’s drag racer in The Munsters, although it was styled DRAG-U-LA in the series.