Rock songs

10 catchiest rock songs that suck

There is a certain type of song in which we all find universal pleasure. These songs represent the inescapable duality of humanity. Songs that we like to sing with all the conviction of Pavarotti, and in the same breath we do not hesitate to denounce them for the superfluous dross that they are.

Lyrics and melodies that for some inexplicable reason find their way into our psyches and sink deep into our collective consciousness, only to be revealed during those special times when everyone is at that perfect level of ‘poisoning.

These are the songs that allow us to let go of our better judgment and join in for beer hugs and table dances.

There was a particular time in rock history when these kinds of songs were most prevalent. The late 90s and early 2000s produced some of the catchiest choruses known to music lovers. But, looking at them in the larger context of rock, they were never going to be very popular.

Lacking substance, nuance and good taste, these are rock’s catchiest tracks, which on closer inspection suck.

The world of post-grunge rock was one of the most nasty hangovers after the late night Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Although the genre spawned bands like Foo Fighters, it also led to bands like Puddle Of Mud. There has never been a more aptly named band.

Like much of the popular rock music of this era, this song contained an upbeat guitar progression and vocal delivery, which exhibited a defiant and carefree attitude. It might have worked if the lyrics weren’t just about Wes Scantlin’s inability to process being dumped. Fairly early in the song, her lyrics betray an obvious lack of depth in her songwriting ability.

Scantlin’s admiration for Kurt Cobain has always been evident. His vocal delivery often strove to emulate his idol, and if we put aside his misjudged and poorly executed rendition of About a girlit actually has some range (when it’s not lip-syncing).

Unfortunately for Wes, blatantly immature song concepts and painfully literal lyrics were never going to elevate his musical endeavors to the level of Nirvana’s lesser famous tracks.