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10 most messiah divisions in rock music history

Being in a rock band is not that different from being in a marriage. Since you have to spend almost every waking hour on the road together, you’ll at least need to get along to some extent if you even hope to stay together for a very long time. Like all long-term relationships, sometimes friction can make a big difference.

While most groups like to withdraw gracefully towards the end of their journey, these acts were combustible from the start. Unlike the normal way people talk about their problems, this is the kind of break-up that people still get hurt about. After years of taking BS to one of the group’s divas or not distributing the royalties evenly, most of them ended in either extreme hostility or (in the worst-case scenario) of the royalties. courts to fight over the use of the name.

While some of them may have ironed out their differences over the years, that doesn’t change what fans must have seen. Outside of the hectic tours, we were the ones who were deprived of good music because business and hurt feelings prevented making the music. It might just be rock and roll, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to get along all the time.

There isn’t really a right way to break up a group. If you’re all having a great time and doing your best to create the best music possible, it’s not always a walk in the park to decide to break everything. As for the Pixies, they’ve had one of the more unique tactics by making a fax machine part of the program.

Yes, unlike most other massive explosions, Frank Black actually left the group by sending the rest of the group a fax that he couldn’t continue. You could tell it was passive aggression, but maybe he just wasn’t sure this version of the group would go the distance. After you’ve done some of the best indie rock on Earth, it’s only a matter of time before you decide to stop it.

The people who were really hurt in this scenario were the fans. Since that was before the internet was really a thing, the Pixies could have been apart for months and none of their followers would have been wiser about it. No big press release … no gimmicks … just a little fax and the most interesting indie band in the world is gone in an instant.