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10 Perfect Punk Albums That Changed Rock Music History

Punk is rock’s dirty little cousin. When rock wasn’t sticking to the man with enough vigor, punk came along to shake things up. It was a counter-cultural movement like no other. If the stilted conservatives of the 1960s had cared about peace-loving hippies, then they must have thought the end of time had come, when people like Johnny Rotten came spitting sacrilegious insults at them.

Although the heyday of punk was considered to be in the mid-70s, its origins date back to years before that. Throughout the 60s there were bands that went against the grain, trying to find an alternative sound to the mainstream popular rock of the time. And, even when OG punk bands burned down, the genre managed to survive in the basements of dive bars, mutating rather than evolving.

We had punk as a political movement, punk as a form of free expression; and even punk as a form of commercial entertainment. Every time the genre rears its Mohawk head, it has a marked impact on the musical trends around it. It was the punk albums that changed the game.

1976 is the year punk rock officially arrived. The Ramones dropped out of their early days, and soon British bands like the Damned and the Clash followed suit. But punk was not born in a vacuum. Ever since the late ’60s, rock bands had been doing their best to fight the p*cks.

The war in Vietnam was raging, and the hippie movement was going strong; the counterculture was the engine of youth; and in rock the prevailing fashion was extended guitar solos and screaming vocalists. But the self-indulgent nature of bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin didn’t land with everyone.

Detroit band MC5 kicked gritty, fast rock full of attitude, energy and feedback. In true punk fashion, they burst onto the scene hard and fast; just three years after the release of the debut album, they disintegrated in a drug-related ruckus.

It was punk before punk had a name. The songs were punchy, easy to remember, and lit an anti-establishment fire under your ass. Want to know how punk was born? This album gave birth to it.