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10 Worst Rock Music Movie Biopics Of All Time

Theoretically, a musical jukebox should be an easy sell at the box office, as people will flock to a hit-packed movie from their favorite band. Mamma Mia is a light and frothy story, but it works because ABBA’s infectious music does much of the heavy lifting.

Likewise, Yesterday, a story about some sort of miracle falling in the lap of hapless songwriter Rami Malik, gave us a Beatles movie that’s not really about the Beatles but still gives us all the songs.

But what if you can’t be bothered to string together an original story? Why not make a rock biopic? You still get a hit-packed soundtrack, but also fun period fashion and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll excess. It worked wonders for Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) and Rocketman (Elton John). Love And Mercy saw Paul Dano and John Cusack earn plaudits for both playing Brian Wilson at different times in his life.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are biopics that completely miss the mark. Whether it’s poor performances, shocking wigs and makeup, or just unnecessary factual inaccuracies, here are ten terrible rock biopics to make you want to burn your record collection.

Mötley Crüe doesn’t come out well in his autobiography The Dirt, and they wrote it. The book details a series of misogyny, violence, extramarital affairs and other heinous behavior. At one point, bassist Nikki Sixx almost confesses to raping.

Meanwhile, singer Vince Neil killed Hanoi Rocks’ Nick “Razzle” Dingley in a car accident because he was driving drunk. There’s a reason The Guardian ran an article titled “Why Mötley Crüe’s Disappearance Benefits Humanity”.

The film adaptation essentially portrays them as a bunch of well-meaning rogues who can’t help but get scrapes. With boobs! It’s as if the kids of American Pie started a glam rock band and, without learning any lessons in how to treat women, lived out their wildest high school fantasies.

It’s not that alcohol, drug addiction, cheating, and hitting women are tolerated in the film, but the group isn’t really condemned for their actions either. law?

Director Jeff Tremaine, of Bad Grampa and Jackass fame, presented a cuddly, bawdy version of the band. That’s if there was a Carry On movie called Carry On Treating Women Like Objects.