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Lake District rock band release new videos for Christmas and New Years

THREE musicians have created two new video covers for Christmas and New Years, ahead of several upcoming concerts they have planned. James Candlin, Gareth Candlin and Chuck Fish; name of the band Elf for Leather, performed and recorded their cover of Slade’s iconic song Merry Christmas Everyone and today released their latest video of a […]

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Cannibal Corpse drummer launches ‘Pure Hard Rock’ band Umbilicus

Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz (CANNIBAL CORPSE), guitarist Taylor Nordberg (INHUMAN CONDITION, ABSENCE, BEFORE), bassist Vernon Blake (ANARCHUS) and singer Brian stephenson (FORE, OLD JAMES) have joined forces in a new rock and roll group called UMBILICUS. Mazurkiewicz says: “UMBILICUS was formed in the summer of 2020 and driven by our love of rock and roll from […]

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New Years Resolutions for Britney, Wolfgang, Clapton and more – Delco Times

Eric clapton By Michael Christophe Columnist on the rock music menu Welcome to this year’s edition of Rock Music Menu’s “New Year’s Resolutions for Rockers in Need”, where we help often busy musicians set goals for the next 12 months. It is not an easy job, but it must be done. Just like you and […]

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UMBILICUS – CANNIBAL CORPSE, INHUMAN CONDITION The members form a 70s style rock band

While the abundance of death metal is a plus in 2021, there is still plenty of room for rock and roll. Today, Umbilicus is presented to the world. With Cannibal Corpse drummer and lyricist Paul Mazurkiewicz on drums, Taylor Nordberg (Inhuman Condition, The Absence, Fore) on guitar, Vernon Blake (Anarchus, Napalm Deah [live]) on bass, […]

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Black Metal Classics Redone as Surf Rock Songs

Winter is the perfect season to listen to black metal, but if you need a beach vacation and still want to maintain your “trve kvlt” status, these surf rock renditions of classic black metal songs should serve as your go-to. fair consolation prize if you can’t manage to escape and rub your toes in the […]

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Emerging into the Hard Rock Ranks: Introducing John Lowman to the Masses

With a significant number of tracks released as albums and singles and a dozen more in preparation for future release, up-and-coming artist John Lowman is set to make his way into the music world. Emerging artist John Lowman is a massive force to be reckoned with in the music world. With particular expertise in the […]

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Belfast rock band The Deadlifts release Christmas track in support of NI Children’s Hospice

A rock band from Belfast released a heartwarming Christmas single to help raise funds for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice. The Deadlifts are best known for playing in loud alternative rock bands for 20 years, and so a party song was certainly not the obvious next step for the quartet. As kids of the ’80s […]

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Hyro The Hero: “Hip-Hop Must Learn The Rules Of Rock Music,” Houston Tragedy, David Draiman And More

Dom sits down and talks to Hyro the Hero (Hyron Louis Fenton Jr.) about Kids Against Monsters, his early career and now, collaborations, and how hip-hop can learn from rock music. He expresses how he has changed and developed throughout his career over the years and what he has learned about himself along the way. […]

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Malaysian rock band Terrer takes on toxic masculinity in music video for debut single ‘Hang Loklaq’ (VIDEO) | Show biz

Terrer is making waves with his daring and intriguing music video “Hang Loklaq”, which premiered on December 12. – Photo courtesy of Terrer KUALA LUMPUR, December 24 – Local rock band Terrer is taking social media by storm, and rightly so with the music video for their debut single Hang Loklaq which aired on YouTube […]

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The best boxes – Delco Times

By Michael Christophe Columnist on the rock music menu Finding a gift for the music lover in your life is beyond the last minute, but don’t panic; Rock Music Menu is here with the annual holiday gift guide to help the desperate. This week, we’re taking a look at 10 of the best rock and […]