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A local rock band releases a track inspired by…

THEY HIT HIM. Motherwind is making a name for itself in the Chippewa Valley music scene thanks in part to its high-energy live shows that feature piñatas stuffed with cheeseburgers and other goodies.

What is cult comedy Bedroom and local rock band Motherwind have in common? Well, they both have an affinity for a love interest named Lisa.

Motherwind, a four-piece band from Eau Claire, has just released their new single “Leesa”, a track with a noticeably softer rock sound than their previous material. The title is a tribute to Tommy Wiseau (actor/director of Bedroom) delivery of the name Lisa, and the song takes on an equally funny and relatable tone.

“I think this song really stands out from our other songs because it’s so far removed from what we normally do,” said singer Anthony Frey. “It broadens our reach and lets people know we’re capable of more than just rock songs.”

The new track is accompanied by an eight-bit music video featuring all four members of Motherwind as animated sprites. The song’s video and tone were inspired by the members of Motherwind playing Super Mario Bros on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The foursome have another single to be released later this year and have racked up more than 20 tour dates around the Midwest over the rest of the summer.

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