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A new rock group makes its debut in Palestine | News

Roots rock band American Merit launch their new EP “Out Here” at Shelton Gin in Palestine on Saturday January 29th.

The concert will begin around 8 p.m.

According to the band’s website, you can “expect loud drumming and overdriven guitars with a groove.”

The Palestinian Alex Smith, former leader of The Bigsby’s, is the lead singer and founder of this group.

“We’re excited to be at Gin on January 29 and hope to see some new and old faces,” Smith said. “Personally, Gin has always treated me like family and I’m looking forward to next Saturday night.”

The band started out with Smith and Daniel Lightfoot, from Waco, playing acoustic shows and writing songs. Smith said they met through a mutual relationship with Blacktop Mojo. Then Evan Shepperd (Salado) came on to play drums. Russell McClendon, who was in The Bigsby’s with Smith, joined on bass. John Laufenberg will be at the controls on January 29.

Smith said the group had been playing as a unit for two years.

“We’ve built the product by releasing songs over the last 14 months,” Smith said.

“American Merit’s primary focus is to write and create music, videos, and more,” Smith said. “Live shows are a happy by-product. We run weekend-long recording sessions throughout the year and release random music.”

The Shelton Gin is located at 310 E. Crawford St., Palestine.

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