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Aerosmith is disbanding? Rock Band Shares The Truth About Their ‘Death’

Aerosmith, one of the oldest active rock bands in the world, has made its fans fear that they will soon say goodbye.

For years, Aerosmith has made conflicting claims about their disbandment. But recently they were supposed to go on a European tour after Brad Whitford said they would never perform again.

The revival of their “Deuces Are Wild” residency in Las Vegas also dismissed claims about the band’s death.

“The only rust at Dolby Live is going to be on our van in the lobby! We’re locked up, armed and loaded!” said Steven Tyler, quoted by Rolling Stone.

But before performing again, fans looked back at the clues and statements that made them think Aerosmith was done for good.

Aerosmith’s disbandment is NOT on the table

For years, Aerosmith had been dealing with buzz they were dissolving.

In 2011, Tyler told the BBC they were just on hiatus amid talks his band broke down. At that time, he assured fans that they would start recording a new album and a new tour.

His statement served as an answer to fans’ doubts since Joe Perry left the band a year prior. Instead of ending their career, they continued to tour across Europe with Tyler as the frontman.

But years later, Tyler changed his statement and revealed on Howard Stern’s radio show that they’ve been on a farewell tour since “it’s about time.”

“I love this band, I really love it, and I want to crush any thoughts anyone might have about it…Look, there’s two bands that still have the original members, us and the Stones. am grateful,” Tyler said.

He then confirmed their farewell tour before dodging the question of whether Perry knew of Aerosmith’s plans.

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Brad Whitford also alarmed his fans last year when he told guitarist Joe Bonamassa on his Live From Nerdville podcast that their age made them doubt they would perform again.

But like their original status, Aerosmith came back to life after their 2016 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble Tour and Aero-Vederci Baby! Toured in 2017. They then kicked off the first leg of the “Deuces Are Wild Concert” in Las Vegas – the show they recently picked up.

Although they started it in 2019, Aerosmith offered different sets between shows. Yet they still include their hit songs “Love in an Elevator”, “Dream On”, “Let The Music Do The Talking”, and “Walk This Way”.

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