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Aerosmith Miracle: This is how a rock band left a comfort zone thanks to Desmond Child

Aerosmith found his saving grace when he began collaborating with Desmond Child.

For years, Aerosmith has been known for its collaborations with other artists. But long before that happened, the band actually needed Desmond Child to break the mold and open their doors to other musicians.

Desmond Child, real name John Charles Barrett, is currently attending the Songwriting Summit at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Nashville. John Hiatt, Damon Johnson and Marti Frederiksen – among others – join him in the event.

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock and Culture, he revealed that he wanted to connect with his fellow songwriters at the event.

“People who are talented and love music who want to move forward with their songs, I have a lot to share,” he said.

But before meeting other artists, Desmond Child first helped Aerosmith step out of his comfort zone and try a different genre.

Aerosmith transformed with help from Desmond Child

During his Zoom interview with the same outlet, the producer recalled the intimate moment he had with Aerosmith lead vocals Steven Tyler. They would have been seated in front of the stage where a Wurlitzer piano rested.

Desmond Child reportedly asked the singer what was going on with him and what his life was like.

“Well, you know, I went through a tough time with recovery and all that. I met this amazing woman, Teresa. She’s my angel. You know, she saved me,” he allegedly told Tyler.

Those words are said to have spawned Aerosmith’s song, “Angel” – the popliest thing the rock band has ever recorded. Since Aerosmith is a rock band, they didn’t perform the track live for a long time.

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Despite this, this track reportedly “broke the mould” and led them to collaborate with him for a song called “Crazy”. It then spawned “What It Takes”.

From there, Aerosmith opened up to record more ballads and work with other musicians, including Mark Hudson. One of their biggest hits, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, was also a game-changer in their careers.

“I would always side with whoever was right, but they kind of behaved better instead of getting into a creative fight in front of me. That kind of chemistry allowed us to have real success. never asked for his money. I’ve always delivered for these people and it’s been great,” he continued.

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