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Amid Soaring Gas Prices, Emerging Lehigh Valley Rock Band, Patriot All-Stars, Release New Single and Video

Nick Sabatine, Patriot All-Stars, Don’t Blame Me (I Voted Trump)

The Patriot All-Stars, a Lehigh Valley-based rock band, aim to bridge the political divide with light, fun music about the state of America.

EASTON, PA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 22, 2022 / — The Patriot All-Stars, a Lehigh Valley-based rock band, aims to bridge the political divide with fun music about the current situation in America. Their music is conservative in nature, but accessible to all. Don’t Blame Me (I Voted For Trump) is a well-timed comedic and energetic song. An accompanying video was also released for the catchy tune. The group seeks to start conversations and give a voice to all those who are frustrated with current issues such as inflation, illegal immigration and crime. The Patriot-All Stars are already planning to perform live at political rallies ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Inflation and rising gas prices are on everyone’s mind. The Patriot All-Stars have found music to be the answer to sanity. Their fun song Don’t Blame Me (I Voted For Trump) mentions soaring gas prices. While aiming to give all conservatives a voice, and a voice they’re not afraid to use, the Patriot All-Stars are determined to cut through the noise and unite people around the love of the ‘America.

The group is led by Nick Sabatine, a lawyer from the Lehigh Valley. Sabatine has been in music since the age of 8. He played clarinet, saxophone, etc. Throughout college, law school, and beyond, he performed in local bands, musically influenced by bands like Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Motown, among others. As the political environment warmed during the 2008 campaign, Nick turned to writing politically themed rock songs. His hobby turned into a mission.

So why did a lawyer who was playing music for fun turn his attention to writing songs with a political twist? “I have seen in my lifetime our country drift away from the many freedoms enshrined in our founding father’s vision for our future. I believe young and old are unaware of the gradual loss of our freedoms I think getting the public to focus on their freedoms, and what’s happening to our country is a noble cause,” says Sabatine. He’s no stranger to the political arena. Sabatine was one of early supporters of Ross Perot’s candidacy for president, he began by collecting signatures to put Perot on the ballot and ended up being elected president of the National Patriot Party (which later merged with Perot’s reform party Additionally, Sabatine was a Northampton County Councilor for four years.

Don’t Blame Me (I Voted for Trump) is their first single. About 74 million Americans can identify with this song. His message is simple – if one is unhappy with soaring inflation, the loss of the war in Afghanistan, open borders, high gas prices, an overheated economy, a skyrocketing national debt, skyrocketing crime, and of course the inability to contain the virus, I don’t blame Trump voters. The song jokes about Biden supporters having “buyers’ remorse.” Unlike so much toxic content online and on social media, the song and video are meant to be thought-provoking, conversation-starting and a little fun.

To celebrate the release of the single, Sabatine also produced a catchy music video. It’s complete with an all-female backing band, an incredibly catchy chorus, a dancing animated Trump, a dejected Biden supporter — and a smart ending. Watch clips on the Patriot All-Stars’ social media or watch the entire video on their site.

Sabatine has also launched a website. He will have the music available for purchase on CD or as a digital download. In addition, T-Shirts will be on sale. Sabatine doesn’t do this for the money. “Music can be a powerful medium to help people see what is really going on in our country. Much of today’s media is in bed with those who seek to eliminate individual freedom and help establish an authoritarian power structure that people depend on and control by. I hope to add a voice on the side of freedom through my music and lyrics. says Sabatine

So what’s next for the Patriot All-Stars? They seek to get their message across, inspire others to join the cause, and have fun along the way.

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