Rock music

Announcement of wrestling rock music event “The Last Match”

A professional wrestling rock musical has been announced.

“The Last Match,” claiming to have “100% face-melting original songs,” is set to launch in late August.

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The official website proclaimed this event to be “A ROCK MUSICAL tribute to the Pro-Wrestling art form writing for wrestling fans by Wrestling fans.”

The official site also provided a small synopsis of the event.

“Ben Vengeance has been pro wrestling’s biggest star in years and tonight is his last match. With the weight of his legacy, the future of the organization and the prospect of a peaceful retirement with his wife Jenny ( a wrestling star in his own right) all on his shoulders, the evening promises to be anything but a leisurely ride into the sunset. The Last Match: A Pro-Wrestling Rock Musical is packed with colorful and explosive entertainment. Blending theater , rock and live wrestling. This ain’t your grandma’s musical; unless your grandma’s a TOTAL BAD ASS!”

This event, led by Canadian actor Ramin Karimloo, brings together a legendary group of producers to help with the show. Announced at this point, the circle of producer legends includes Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Bushwhacker Luke and Tito Santana. There are two more mystery legends that have yet to be announced.

More information on “The Last Match: A Pro-Wrestling Rock Musical” can be found here.