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Anthony Bourdain and his favorite punk rock songs

(Credit: Instagram @anthonybourdain)


There is much to admire in the late great Anthony Bourdain. A wonderfully gifted conductor, more than talented writer, and one of the most educated music lovers you will meet. However, like everyone else, there is one shining asset that blinds us all when we try to stare at Bourdain for too long without protection. The burning glow of Bourdain’s retina is found in its authenticity.

Never afraid to show his vulnerability or allow his personality to be diminished by media training, Bourdain operated under the guise of being one of the “real motherfuckers” around. Much of that devotion to being a true representation of himself came from his pure, unbridled love of punk rock. Below we’ve rounded up a bunch of her favorite punk songs to create arguably the best playlist we’ve ever made.

First of all, and in an effort to try to stay as real as Bourdain, we have to admit that this playlist is probably just a small fraction of Bourdain’s favorite punk songs. Compiled from a multitude of different interviews, including one recently conducted by the director of Roadrunner, Bourdain’s new documentary, Morgan Neville, the playlist is probably just a handful of the chef’s most treasured riffs and razor-sharp vocals.

The conductor was seemingly connected to electrically charged songs, the shaking moments of unknown terror permeating every note. It was the song he connected with, including notable hits from New York mainstays, Dead Boys, and hat removal to Elvis Costello, Bad Brains and Stooges a few times.

The conductor also had a place in his heart for the downright dirty New York Dolls and their hit “Personality Crisis”, which Bourdain said was “a prayer answered”, before adding: “The antidote to all lousy music. Loud, shamelessly sloppy. Johnny Thunders’ guitar made life worth living and enabled everything that followed, like New York punk. Joyfully nihilistic. A theme that unfortunately runs through everything. throughout the playlist.

Bourdain was a punk rocker until the end, never having strayed from his unstoppable mission, never taking his eyes off you or anyone else who crossed his path without the proper papers. Anthony Bourdain was a true original, and we are proud to have been able to share his love of music with him.

It was a badge of honor he had sewn into his sleeve, next to his heart, and that permeates the music he feels most connected with. Below you can hear some of that connection as we revisit some of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite punk songs of all time.

Anthon Bourdain’s Favorite Punk Songs:

  • “Chinese Rocks” – Heartbreakers
  • “This is not a love song” – Public Image Ltd.
  • “Personality crisis” – The New York dolls
  • “In the street” – Les Stooges
  • “Sonic Reducer” – The Dead Boys
  • ‘Love In Spurts’ – Richard Hell & The Voidoids
  • ‘Pay to Cum’ – Bad Brains
  • ‘Riot Act’ – Elvis Costello and the attractions
  • “Penetration” – Les Stooges
  • ‘Jet Boy’ – New York Dolls
  • “I’m so bored with the United States” – The Clash
  • ‘Human Fly’ – Les Crampes
  • ‘Bat on the Brat’ – Ramones
  • “Body” – Sex guns
  • “Damaged Goods” – Gang of Four
  • ‘Lipstick Vogue’ – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
  • “Lust for Life” – Iggy Pop
  • “Gimme Danger” – The Stooges
  • ‘Supertouch / Shitfit’ – Bad Brains
  • “Straight to Hell” – The Clash
  • ‘Atomic’ – Blondie
  • “Rudie can’t fail” – The Clash
  • “Dance this mess” – The B-52s