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Art-Rock Group Daira Set To Release Highly Anticipated New Single ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’

MUMBAI: Mumbai-based Hindi art-rock band Daira are ready with their soulful new song Sab Dhuaan Hai which will be released with a music video shot in the haunting Himachal Pradesh extract of Sab Dhuaan Hai’s music video .

Daira’s new single follows their recent single “Mazaar”. The group has already released 2 more singles and 3 full albums since its inception.

“Sab Dhuaan Hai”, which translates to “Everything is an illusion” in English, emphasizes the meaninglessness of a person’s quest to fulfill all their desires and possessions, in a larger scheme.

On this single, the band can be heard pondering the perspective that humans are mere fragments of the universe. The constant quest to reach the world that leads to fragile egos, the notion of putting others down and ignoring humanity is questioned through this 3 minute 35 second title.

Speaking about the inspiration for the single, the band’s leader and lyricist Piyush Kapoor says, “The recent past has been extremely empowering and surreal for everyone, especially artists and creators. The song is an introspective and uncompromising desire to inspire our listeners to challenge their status quo and push their limits (Daira).

With this song, Daira also introduces the change in their sound and the ever-increasing tendency to explore new sonic palaces. The group’s bassist Sourya Mukherjee adds, “This song has a calm, serene and uplifting aura. You could say that the unleashed aggressiveness of some of our past work paved the way for a softer ambient sound. The song’s lyrics are also likely more relevant to the masses – seeing a shift from niche political commentary to more philosophical and introspective reflection on our purpose, and what’s important and what isn’t.

The band moved on to self-produce the track with the mixing duties led by guitarists Vikalp Sharma and Shivam Pant. Notably, Vikalp Sharma had also mixed the group’s second album ‘Vipreet Buddhi’
“Sab Dhuaan Hai” will be released on May 12, 2022 on all streaming platforms and it will be the first of three singles Daira is set to release this year. The release will be followed by a multi-city India tour that will last from June to July 2022. With this tour, Daira will introduce their new drummer, 21-year-old prodigal talent from Kolkata, Shreyansh Kejriwal.