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Asian Paints and rock band Thaikuddam Bridge team up for “New Ultima Protek Song”

Asian Paints Ultima Protek is back with a brand new commercial featuring rock band “Thaikkudum Bridge” as well as award-winning Kerala director and screenwriter Jeethu Joseph.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the ad is directed by acclaimed director Prakash Varma.

In recent years, Kerala has experienced harsher and prolonged monsoons, along with extreme humidity and relentless summers. Such climatic vagaries in Kerala expose houses to two of the biggest outdoor problems, namely Poopal (moss) and Paayal (seaweed).

To combat these extreme effects, Ultima Protek is equipped with the all new Nano Active Layer technology which provides non-stop protection outside the home for a longer period of time and makes it the gold standard of exterior paints, according to the company.

The new TVC clearly establishes how Ultima Protek provides round the clock protection against algae and moss.

The new film’s plot features Jeethu Joseph as a homeowner who is upset because algae and moss have returned to haunt his house. Despite painting over and over again, it is still in ruins.

Fortunately, the famous band – Thaikkudum Bridge arrives just in time. They give him the mantra of applying Ultima Protek Asian paints which feature the latest technology that provides non-stop protection and puts an end to algae and moss once and for all.

About the new ad, Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO of Asian Paints said: Algae and Moss. The brand has always produced iconic advertisements with jingles communicating the essence of the consumer’s need solved by the product. With the 2022 kick off, we’re back with a new one, but this time with a very contemporary twist added by the fabulous “Thaikkudam Bridge” to communicate the non-stop algae protection the brand offers. The song communicates very strongly the promise we intend to offer to all of our consumers: “Ultima Protek Non-Stop, Paayal Poopal Full Stop.

Kiran Anthony, Creative Director, Ogilvy and Mather, India, added: “Asian Paints and Kerala share a very special bond between them. Ads have always been a topic of discussion. So this time around we paired the Thaikkudam Bridge with Jeetu Joseph People have always seen the Thaikkudam Bridge perform on stage. But we made them perform on a moving van and in their own style, poke fun at Jeetu’s house which is covered in paayal poopal and offer Asian Paints Ultima Protek as a solution. ”

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