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Austin rock band Madam Radar open for Bon Jovi at the new Moody Center

Madam Radar, an American rock band based in Austin, is opening for Bon Jovi on Saturday April 23 at the Moody Center.

Austin is Bon Jovi’s 12th stop on their 2022 tour. Bon Jovi, and now Madam Radar, are among the first artists to play at the new Moody Center, which opened on April 20.

Kelly Green, guitarist and lead singer of Madam Radar, said the band saw an article online about Bon Jovi’s tour looking for openers for each city they would visit. Green submitted his group’s information, and they were chosen as Austin’s first player shortly thereafter.

“We never thought in a million years that we would be the group they would choose. We all just figured that out,” Green said. “It’s the kind of moment you always dream of, and it’s amazing to have it.”

Green and her husband Jace Cadle front Madam Radar, while Kody Lee and Violet Lea hold the rhythm section. The band grew up singing and playing Jon Bon Jovi songs, making this moment even more meaningful.

“We still can’t believe this is happening. What an incredible honor. Bon Jovi is a legend. We’re so excited to share the stage with him,” Green said.

Madam Radar will leave a mark on the new Moody Center as the first band from Austin to play there.

The band describes their sound as “explosive harmonies and eclectic original tunes”. The group released their first full album in 2016 under the name “Texas KGB”. The group changed their name to Madam Radar in 2019, just a year before releasing their third album “Madam Radar”.

Their new studio album is due out this summer. The band is hosting an album release party at 04 Center on July 30.

“We’re partnering with C4AC to raise funds for HAAM, Step Onward Foundation, and Superhero Kids,” Green said. “Plus, we’ll have Jo James kicking off the show and a ton of special guests. We can’t wait.”

You can find more information about Madam Radar’s album release party here.