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Black Metal Classics Redone as Surf Rock Songs

Winter is the perfect season to listen to black metal, but if you need a beach vacation and still want to maintain your “trve kvlt” status, these surf rock renditions of classic black metal songs should serve as your go-to. fair consolation prize if you can’t manage to escape and rub your toes in the sand basking in the heat of the enemy sun.

At least one smart YouTuber and musician realized this dilemma – or a pretty similar one, we imagine – and performed the perfect vision of what it’s like to hook 10 while kissing 666 (funny enough) Ventus played with. names of iconic Norwegian black metal bands to present them in a more positive light on the beach – Mayhem became The Mayhems, Darkthrone became The Darkthrones, etc. – and fed off the nicknames of surf rock legends such as The Ventures, The Beach Boys and The Surfaris.

Song names have also been revamped as instrumentation morphed into what feels like the cloudiest day there has been at the beach. “Freezing Moon” on the infamous Mayhem By Mysteriis Dom Sathanas its debut was redesigned as “Surfin ‘Moon”, “Carving a Giant” by Gorgoroth was reworked as “Carving a Giant Wave” by The Gorogoroths and … well, you get it.

If you’re looking for real black metal songs you can follow Loudwire’s “Early Black Metal” playlist, but if you want icy nostrils and the taste of sea salt on your lips, check out the Black Songs. metal / surf rock directly below. And if you’ve never liked black metal, it’s probably the most enjoyable you’ll ever find.

Forget “the sun is out, the guns out”, try “surf’s up, horns up!”

The Mayhems, “Surfin ‘Moon”

The Darkthrones, “California Hunger”

The Immortals, “Rescuers”

The Gorgoroth, “Sculpting a Giant Wave”

Les Beherits, “Nanna’s Surf”

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