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Change of address of the rock group Naalayak, new EP “Round About” –

Sahil Samuel, the leader of Naalayak. Photo: Armaan Mishra

At the start of the year, Chandigarh rock band Naalayak was in upheaval, with three out of four members leaving the band. While many claims and reasons were cited against leader Sahil Samuel, he continued undeterred and recruited new members to release music and hit the road for crowded concerts in Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai , Bengaluru and Ranchi.

The current lineup includes guitarist Akash Maheshwari, bassist Ashish Dey and drummer Aditya Kamboj. Samuel says, “It’s been a fun ride touring with the new lineup. Despite the limited time to settle for the tour, we are committed to massively giving our best and conquering every stage.

Regarding the change of line-up, while the former members of the group do not talk about it for the moment, the leader considers it as a possibility. “What is meant to happen will eventually happen. To put it simply, bands are ultimately meant to be broken up in order to individually grow and progress,” he adds. Samuel mentions that “loyal fans” know the truth and that the rest may “remain a mystery,” but fires back at any accusations of bullying or songwriting credits and rights disputes with former members “What I’ve Learned From My God, In The Bible , is to love and pray for my enemies. So let me end with that,” he says.

For now, it’s full steam ahead for Naalayak, with the tour running parallel to the band’s releases, which include songs like “Kabhi Socha” and “Jeene Do” from the four-track EP. Roundabout. Led by Samuel’s unmistakable voice, all arrangements point to a fiery comeback for the rock band whose previous release was the 2021 album. gaane hindi. With Roundabout, Samuel says he wanted to undertake some long-awaited collaborations. The songs on the EP – “Kabhi Socha”, “Jeene Do”, “Wine Song” and “It’s Me” – are all assisted by guitarist-producer Varun Murali, folk-rockers from Bengaluru Swarathma.

The tour will continue until May, then work will begin on their next album, titled Sexy Bhai Ji. “Naalayak will take a three-month break and continue touring from September 2022,” adds Samuel.

Naalayak performs on April 16 at Imperfecto Ruin Pub, New Delhi. Get tickets here. Listen to “Jeene Do” and “Kabhi Socha” below.