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Chicago alt-rock band Lavisher is working on a new album (watch the video for “Reverie”)

Chicago sumptuous make atmospheric alternative rock that their bio compares to Failure, A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age, and they’re currently working on their second album, due out in 2023 via Nefarious Industries, but they put three stands out first this year. We are preparing the first one, “Reverie” and its video.

It’s the first song released by the band’s new lineup, which finds vocalist/guitarist Gavin Cushman III and drummer Idin Alexander now joined by bassist George Bach and guitarist Sam Kim, and Idin says, “Conceptually, I remember clearly, two dreams i had near this time i knew they weren’t real and yet in one the knowing made me jump out of bed and in the other i couldn’t sleep soundly enough I wanted to lay there knowing completely that it wasn’t real and So I wrote some lyrics and wondered how I could frame the idea, I used Alighieri as a guide and here’s the song!”

Bernie McGovern, who directed the video, adds: “The song delves into the alluring way memory shapes us. We can see ourselves going into a dark story of our own making, stepping back with a second guess, then continuing to anyway. ‘Reverie’ is a heart-fuelled state of mind. I feel it like nerves branching down my spine and capillaries in my eyes. Being so arboreal lends itself well to this main character who is ours. We started calling it Soul Grass for the way life explodes from its neck. The imagery and the whole narrative came out of a collaborative process. My first sketches were impressionistic, thrilled with the spirit of the song. It’s a special joy to respond to music with non-verbal dreams. The story, numbers, and textures morph as conversations progress, with each step of progression offering a chance to review and redirect any imp or what aspect of the animation with comments.”

Check it out: