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Chicago-based rock band Beach Bunny to perform in Houston in December – Coog Radio – University of Houston Radio

Beach bunny are an independent Chicago rock band formed in 2015. Current members include singer Lili Trifilio, drummer Jon Alvarado, guitarist Matt Henkels and bassist Anthony Vaccaro. Originally, Beach Bunny started out as Trifilio’s solo chamber-pop effort and self-produced EPs like Animalism in 2015, Pool party in 2016 and Cry baby in 2017.

After Trifilio released these works on her own, she added some band mates to her project and eventually released the hit EP. Prom queen in 2018. This EP includes the title track “Prom queen“who went viral on TikTok months after its release. This made the group famous and even reissued their Prom queen and Cry baby EP as compilation album in 2019. Beach Bunny released their debut album, titled Honeymoon, in 2020, where they found themselves creators of another TikTok viral track called “Cloud 9. “Their debut album is loaded with climactic moments and soulful tales that fit in well with the band’s natural rock / punk sound. It brings together all of their early days sounds and features songs about heartbreak like”Promises, as well as exciting bops like “Handcuff season. ”

After experiencing success with their debut album, they announcement their new EP, titled Blame game, in November 2020, and released her first single, “Good girls (don’t get used to it)”With the ad. Blame game was a collection of four songs, but the songs all intertwine to address issues of blame and victim harassment.

Most recently, Beach Bunny featured on a remix with the Welsh electropop singer, MARINA, called “I love you but I love myself more”, From his album Old dreams in a modern country. The Breakup Anthem is a dark take on MARINA’s grief and anger, something Beach Bunny is familiar with. The group also released a single titled “Oxygen”, Which showcases Beach Bunny’s new galactic and spatial aesthetic, just before the start of their next 2021 North American tour.

Beach Bunny will start a North American tour this coming winter starting November 16 in Atlanta. The band will head to White Oak Music Hall in Houston on December 13 with the opening Miloé. Beach Bunny continues to make their way to fame, and everyone should check out this band in the making. Take the opportunity to see them live and buy your tickets here.