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Cleveland hard rock band Truss release their debut album

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Truss, a hard rock quartet, has been stationed in Cleveland for a few years. Now the band are aiming to establish themselves in their new home with the release of their debut album “Reset My Head”.

Truss will celebrate the release of the album with a show at The Grog Shop on Saturday night featuring opening acts Dive Bombs and Quick Mystery. Tickets, $10 to $12, are available on the site’s website.

Before moving to northeast Ohio, all four members of Truss’ band – vocalist Hannah Crandall, guitarist Eric Kennedy, drummer Holden Szalek and bassist Thomas Rastatter – were all students at Ohio State University. .

“We all graduated between 2019 and 2020. When we graduated we all knew we had jobs in Cleveland and we were all coming back to Cleveland, but when we all officially got here it was maybe. -be a month or two before COVID shut down the world,” Crandall said. “It was a bit tough when we got here. Like everyone else, we didn’t do any gigs that year. It was a bit tough to get your foot in the door.”

Over the next two years, Truss avoided the stage and got to work on his eight-track album.

“Mayhem,” a track that was previously released as a single and garnered half a million streams on Spotify, is a standout on the project. On “Reset My Head”, the band reworked the song slightly in a new version.

Overall, the album delves into the band members’ shared love of ’90s grunge and hard rock.

“There’s a lot of indie, female-fronted metal, but we define ourselves as female-fronted hard rock. We have a heavier sound that is very riff-driven without bleeding into the metal genre,” Crandall said. “Our sound comes a lot from the 90s, from the whole grunge movement with Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains; it’s the biggest overlap between the four of us.

Check out the album below:

You can’t say “Reset Your Head” was a completely do-it-yourself effort. The song collection is well-produced and seamless, showcasing the musicians’ production skills, particularly Kennedy’s extensive mixing and mastering work.

The process involved recording parts at home and sharing them among band members, layering each track to create full songs, Crandall said.

“It made it a lot more interesting. Personally, I enjoyed it. It’s easier to get into the mindset when you’re alone, to follow. You can close your eyes and pretend you’re playing live,” Crandall said. “You can’t say we did it ourselves, which is really cool. I think it turned out really professional.

Beyond Truss’ album release gig at The Grog Shop, the band are also set to perform at No Class on August 12 and will perform at Lorain Brew Festival on August 13. Find more information about Truss at, or follow the band on Facebook.

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