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Country rock band teams up with line dancers VIU Spirit Team

A country rock band, with help from the VIU dance team, will bring a good time to Queen’s.

Tailgate, a Comox-Campbell River-based band, will perform Friday, August 5 at 10 p.m., along with the VIU Mariners Spirit team.

Art Vipond, the band’s manager and guitarist for the band, said they enjoyed the spirit team teaching line dancing so much during a show last spring that they had to bring them back.

Vipond said that with or without teachers, line dancers always seem to show up for their shows.

“To our surprise, we didn’t think we were very well known as a line dance group. We’re kind of doing this as a fundraiser,” said Mariners student coach Elissa Miranda.

Miranda, who was a driving force for the group’s choreographed dance style, grew up in a small town where the “two step” is exactly what they did all the time.

“And, in my opinion, that doesn’t happen too often in Nanaimo,” she said, adding that the team loved being able to provide that opportunity. “At first we were the only ones dancing, then every time [Tailgate] took a break between each set… meanwhile a lot of spectators pulled us aside and asked if we could show them some moves in two sets so they could join us.

Working together, Miranda said Vipond provides them with the band’s setlist for the night, and the spirit team will then decide which dances work best with which songs.

“We will never force anyone to learn a dance if they don’t want to or anything, but we will stand in the middle of the floor and walk through all the line dances as a team so everyone has a good idea. of what’s going on,” she said.

For the Aug. 5 show, the spiritual team is planning for at least half a dozen members to teach how to do the boot scoot, honky tonk stomp, and footloose line dance.

“We have eight new songs that we will be performing, and we plan to bring as much energy as possible to the stage,” Vipond said.

The VIU Mariners Spirit team will dance alongside Tailgate again on August 27 at VIEX.

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