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Covers of the young group recognized by the rock group Shinedown and Frank Ireo of My Chemical Romance

A young band from West Berkshire have struck a chord with rock and roll giants Shinedown and My Chemical Romance.

Beyond the Sons is made up of five boys aged 12 to 14 – lead singer Hector, 12, lead guitarist Jake, 12, rhythm guitarist Ethan, 12, bassist Hayden, 14 and drummer Albert, 13 years.

Following lockdown delays, the boys managed to get into the recording studio and get back to work with their first gig on the schedule as well.

Beyond the Sons. Photo credit: Leo Westby

They’ve recorded two covers in recent months, and both have quickly won acclaim from covered artists.

American metal band Shinedown retweeted a Beyond the Sons cover of their 2007 song “Sound of Madness” on April 6, calling the young musicians’ work “beyond amazing.”

During the same week, the rhythm guitarist of early 2000s alternative band My Chemical Romance applauded the band’s cover of their song “Famous Last Words.”

Frank Iero called the boys’ cover of their 2006 song “rad” on Twitter on April 9.

Let’s Play Rock general manager Leo Westby expressed high hopes for the band he assembled and compared them to their predecessors The Mini Band.

He said: “Because of the lockdown, the boys had to stop, but it’s lucky they kept their enthusiasm and kept going through those tough times.”

Speaking of the Shinedown cover, he said, “We wanted to do something that shows people that they’re not your typical kid or teenage band, they sound like a professional, high-profile adult band.

“They’re as good as they come.”

Mr. Westby added: “We are really proud of the first songs they recorded. It’s quite a nerve-wracking experience, but they’ve blown the recording studio away, with people saying “we can’t believe this is your first recording”. It’s incredible.”

He praised their professionalism and confidence, commenting on Hector’s “natural” energy in the music video.

He said, “The music video results were great. He came to life for the cameras.

“Mark, filming, said give it a try, go for it and he just did.

“It was awesome, we were like wow what a leader.

“We didn’t think that before and neither did he. He surprised himself.

The band only filmed two takes, one for each song. Mr Westby called it “point and go” with no planning or second takes.

“It was the fastest video ever, we closed in an hour. It was pretty fun,” he said.

The boys are now preparing for the future with their first concert, in Cold Ash, en route. Mr Westby said that while they might be nervous at first, once on stage they would get over it.

“That’s what they want to do,” he noted. “I don’t think playing live is going to be a problem. Once they start playing, I think they’ll go with it. They want it so much, it’s a great experience.

Beyond the Sons are scheduled to play Cold Ash’s Acland Hall on June 4.