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DICE, the garage rock band from Washington

Barely a year after playing their first gig in November 2020, WA garage rock band DICE bring us a new “Double Espresso”.

The band’s sixth single follows “Stop Sign”, which landed the guys on Spotify. New Music Friday, local noise and fresh finds, as well as getting spins on the triple j.

With a busy writing and recording schedule punctuated by local touring in the midst of a pandemic, it’s no surprise the band took inspiration from caffeine.

“‘Double Espresso’ explores the exhaustion that results from partying too intensely coupled with back-to-back shows and the consequences of coffee addiction to get through a seemingly endless weekend, resulting in countless sleepless nights,” they wrote. they stated.

The band recently signed with Tone City Recording and have been working furiously in the studio with Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May) on their debut EP, due out in April.

‘Double Espresso’ will be celebrated with a launch party featuring special guests Ghost Care, Sunsick and Sevier at Mojo’s Bar on Friday, February 18.

With the likes of Dave Ruby Howe praising the band’s “big freewheeling rock vibes” that could be ranked alongside Beddy Rays and Pacific Avenue, Dull tone wanted to get to know DICE before they blew up, so we caught up with lead guitarist Tom King.

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How was your artist name born?

Ben’s grandfather’s last name is Dyson and the way he signs the papers is actually quite creative and unique – he rolls a dice and follows it with the word ‘son’! In 2019 (before the DICE era) me and Ben were in Bali and after a few too many Bintangs we ended up in a tattoo parlor and thought a great way to celebrate seven years of friendship was to get matching tattoos! It was by chance that we got a pair of dice inked on our calves. When later we formed the band and brainstormed names; we thought what better name than DICE – something unique and meaningful to both of us. I think Regan is considering getting a DICE tattoo at some point, but Caspar lives by the motto “You don’t put stickers on a Ferrari”…

How would you describe your music to your grandmother?

The same kind of music the Beatles would make if they were here today – easy listening, fun rock and roll. She actually came to a few shows and boogie with my friends!

Tell us about some of your tracks; their titles and what they are about?

Our most recent track, “Double Espresso,” explores the long days and sleepless nights that come with playing back-to-back shows over a period of months; where you find yourself constantly exhausted but wanting to get back on stage as soon as you got off.

One of our first tracks, “Wonderland”, is a fun song about a summer adventure gone wrong and has definitely become an audience favorite over the past 12 months.

What do you like in your hometown?

The amazing beach and people; it’s very rare that you go to any bar in Perth without meeting a few of your friends and the beach is never more than 15 minutes down the road.

Career highlight so far?

Sold-out show at the Indi Bar with 450 people singing the final chorus of ‘Reality’ while Ben stands there in awe – still gives me goosebumps every time I think about it

Favorite pastime outside of music?

The other three boys are all very avid (and talented) surfers, but I tend to stay away from the cold, choppy waters of the WA coast.

What’s on your dream rider?

A box of Emu Export, sausage rolls and party pies!

A dream musical collaboration?

Would love to have RATBOY from the UK on one of our more upbeat tracks; I feel like he would have heaps to add and the English accent would certainly be fun to play against Ben’s Australian accent.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Good question – still taking things day by day right now! I still hope to play music and maybe make a living from it! It’s the dream, right?

What’s your favorite karaoke song?

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” – Bonnie Tyler.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. We’ve really embraced that mentality in 2021 – taking on every gig and taking every opportunity to get our name out in the wider community. This has led to some great times playing alongside nationally acclaimed artists such as Death by Denim and Great Gable, as well as making many new friends in the Perth music scene; with King Blue, Ra Ra Viper and Dear Sunday to name a few.

What is your obsession that no one would guess after listening to your music?

Anyone close to me knows I’m a sucker for a good classic American country song. After a few drinks or on the road, you’ll often find me singing tunes such as “That Ain’t My Truck” and “I’m Gonna Miss Her.”

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