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German rock band ToMiK set to release next album this spring

The power of German rock ToMiK releases his next album ‘Mit Offenen Augen‘ in the spring of 2022. He was honored three times in the German Rock and Pop Prize 2021.

Three times awarded the 39th German Rock and Pop Prize 2021, ToMiK captivates listeners around the world with its awe-inspiring musical arrangement and approach. The band are preparing their next album ‘Mit offenen Augen – With Open Eyes’, a nice collection of 11 engaging singles which should be released this spring. The group has always focused on socio-political issues that deeply affect the popular masses. Depicting the bare image of society, the tracks created by the group are quite pungent and punchy. Finely calibrated with risque musical arrangements, all of the tracks on offer are capable of making a deep impact on listeners’ hearts, including the chart-topping single ‘Der Weg’.

At the 39th German Rock and Pop Awards 2021, the band won three consecutive awards in the categories namely “Best Rock Album” for “Geld oder Liebe”, “Best Rock Song” for “Rücken an der Wand” and finally, the “Best Rock Band 2021”. With this feat, Mike Pape and main man Thomas Spiess are looking forward to creating more successful singles like “Der Weg”. ‘Mit offenen Augen’ will soon be part of this musical arsenal. To follow ToMiK on the official site and Facebook find out more.