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Hyro The Hero: “Hip-Hop Must Learn The Rules Of Rock Music,” Houston Tragedy, David Draiman And More

Dom sits down and talks to Hyro the Hero (Hyron Louis Fenton Jr.) about Kids Against Monsters, his early career and now, collaborations, and how hip-hop can learn from rock music.

He expresses how he has changed and developed throughout his career over the years and what he has learned about himself along the way.

“I just grew up as a man, developed my mind and the structure of my songs, especially when it comes to music, it was a big thing for me because I always wanted to do amazing choruses. and I think I have it now; I do good choruses.

Being an artist can have its obstacles, especially with confidence, Hyro the hero tells us how he overcomes issues like self-confidence and confidence in what you do and how social media plays a big role in making it happen. ‘to be a positive but also a negative platform. .

“I would say social media is the biggest problem when it comes to all of that trusting stuff, I’m a confident person in general, but I post music sometimes and the algorithm doesn’t get me any views,” so this stuff gets your confidence like man i’m a good artist, i’m a good rapper, why am i not heard? It’s an everyday fight, but all you have to do is go through it. I mean, if you like what you’re doing, you keep doing it. I have people following me, I have a blue check mark on Instagram, I have 19,000 followers, so all of this I look back and say I’m doing my job, I’m just going to keep grinding it and build it. Just love what you are doing and keep going! Everyone shows their highlights on Instagram, no one really shows the bad, sometimes you just just turn it off and live.

The definition of success is different for everyone, Hyro explains what success means to him.

“I feel like I’m successful, people listen to me, people love me, people say to me ‘aw man I listen to you when I’m feeling down, I listen to you when I’m at the gym” all of those types of things. I think I’m successful for that purpose in general. It’s just every day trying to be heard, I just want my music to reach people, that’s my most important thing, if I have people’s ears, I feel like I’m doing something right.

Hyro the hero has always had a mission to represent young people, to face things and to give voice to people.

“The mission statement is always just to wake people up in a way and even that is almost uncertain because it was like, we would all have this mission of waking people up and we were all on the same wave and everything changed. now there’s an alarm clock for the left and there’s an alarm clock for the right and I’m right in the middle because I just want peace for everyone. Kid’s against the monsters is just a revelation for the ‘older generation, you know like hey, there’s a riff here that we need to fix and we can see how we can do it.

Many artists have passions and other inspirations outside of work, such as people, places, music, and family.

“I lived in Los Angeles for a while, it inspired me a bit. I lived there for 13 years, came back to Houston and saw how it changed, seeing my family. My friends are doing great, my family is doing great, which motivates me to continue. Other than that, I like to play basketball, I like to watch my sports. YouTube is such a good thing because there are so many options and so many choices, I love watching people talk about movies and there is so much conversation. Fitness always, but when you are in the cold weather it is very hard to train, I did a workout earlier, pushups on the floor, hands frozen. If anyone receives a message from me, they are waking up and working hard.

Reflecting on 2021, Hyro looks back on how much he’s accomplished throughout the year and what he’s most proud of.

“I was able to put on some music! And then I put on some music with amazing people, like David Draiman. I have some surprises coming up that everyone is going to lose their minds about when this other surprise happens, they are going to be like what! How does he do these things. So, I’m happy with that, but I just want to be able to go on stage and rock. “

It takes a lot of different skills to be able to release music and for people to be like that it’s amazing Hyro describes how he makes it all happen.

“I think I’m a cool person, stay humble, I’m a good person to be with and always perform well, I put my whole heart into it and when people see that, and the word goes out, they take me serious. To the new listener who saw me with people like David Draiman, they wonder who this rapper is? But I have earned respect for so many years. David Draiman said to me, do you know how many successful rappers have asked me to do a song but i said no but i did it for you because i respect you so it meant everything to me.

Hyro the Hero has a lot of powerful visual aspects in his music videos, from animated videos to lyrics videos, he has always put very strong visuals alongside his music. He tells us how vital the visual aspect is to him.

“Visuals are super important, especially in today’s society with YouTube and Instagram and all that. If you watch the ‘We Believe’ video, it’s such a strong video, artwork is everything, I want just that the video represents my lyrics, I want things that bring it together in such an epic way.

So what is your message to all the people who have supported and supported you throughout your career, but also to people who have just discovered you now.

“My message would be to prepare for the energy when we can actually rock a scene, that’s what it would be! So to all new people and those who have heard my music before, just get ready for the comeback and be safe because I’m from Houston and the madness in Houston has happened, so be careful because its like we have this rule written in rock that you help somebody get up, you got to help the person get up, we know that but i think since hip hop has gone sort of mixed with rock, they don’t know our rules. Stay positive during these crazy times, hopefully we can get back to something a little normal. “

And what would you like to plug in?

“I just think Kids vs. Monsters isn’t over, there’s something going on and people are going to lose their minds!” So for now, this is just a little taste, but when I give you the entirety of Kids Against Monsters, you’re going to lose your mind.

Interview: Dom Smith / Lyrics: Katie Lovatt