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J-rock band Radwimps release new single “Ningen Gokko” — MP3s & NPCs

J-rock band Radwimps unveiled their new single “Ningen Gokko” today.

The song, which can be heard below, was written as the theme song for the Japanese drama TBS ISHIKO and HANEO: Are you chasing me?, following the daily life of paralegal Shoko Ishida and lawyer Yoshio Haneoka.

Yojiro Noda of Radwimps had this to say about the song:

“During my meetings with the director, she mentioned that although this drama is exhilarating and so much fun, she wants it to be a strong reflection of the modern era. As I learned some of the business court cases in Japanese courts over the past few years, snippets of lyrics began to form in my head. I hope the song grows with you as the drama “Ishiko to Haneo” progresses.

In terms of songwriting, it was also full of new challenges. It’s a perfect song to enjoy and dance to at the start of your weekend.

Drama producer Junko Arai said this:

“After meeting RADWIMPS on the drama’s theme song, the group took a few words mentioned by the production team and came up with the song ‘NINGEN GOKKO’. Yojiro’s sweet voice and melody touches a deep place in our hearts. , and I can imagine this song giving Ishiko and Haneo customers a pat on the back. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the song.

Drama director Ayuko Tsukahara also said:

“I’ve wanted to work with RADWIMPS for a long time so I’m just grateful for this opportunity.

Since I got the demo, I listen to it every day.

The song is a crucial part of the drama.

Her selection of words, her resonant voice…everything about the song is amazing.

I think the song will evolve as the story of the drama progresses.

Be sure to check it out.

“Ningen Gokko” is currently available on digital services. Radwimps’ last studio album was 2021 Eternal Stun.