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Lake District rock band release new videos for Christmas and New Years

THREE musicians have created two new video covers for Christmas and New Years, ahead of several upcoming concerts they have planned.

James Candlin, Gareth Candlin and Chuck Fish; name of the band Elf for Leather, performed and recorded their cover of Slade’s iconic song Merry Christmas Everyone and today released their latest video of a punk rock version of Auld Lang Syne.

NOL: Elf for Leather performing Merry Christmas everyone

Both videos were shot and premiered at the Keg and Kitchen in Grange over Sands.

Chuck fish is originally from Washington state and has been performing live for more than two decades after being introduced to music by his mother who was a director of musicals.

MUSIC: Elf for Leather performs Auld Lang Syne

MUSIC: Elf for Leather performs Auld Lang Syne

He said: “Three friends who met while playing the local music scene got together after the lockdown ended and started making music together.

“We plan to release videos for every big party throughout the year, culminating in an album with a tear-off schedule titled“ A Tune for Every Season ”.

James was born in Manchester and has been playing since the age of 11 as an electric and acoustic guitarist.

He also plays the piano, the mandolin and sings.

ROCK: James and Gareth

ROCK: James and Gareth

James said: “Gareth and I have been writing songs for a few years. We’ve known Chuck for years and started jamming in late 2021.

“My dad Andy Candlin also plays with us. We thought that all of this together was a good basis for releasing music.

Gareth was born in Rochdale and raised in Thetford, Norfolk. He started playing at the age of 12 and majored in acoustic guitar and bass.

BAND: Elf for Leather: Chuck, James, Gareth (gd)

BAND: Elf for Leather: Chuck, James, Gareth (gd)

James will perform at The Lily bar in Ambleside on January 7 and February 4 and at the Patterdale Hotel on February 26.

He will also be playing at the Old School Brewery in Warton tonight between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Visit Chuck’s website at

Auld Lang Syne and Merry Christmas Everybody can now be viewed on YouTube