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Luke Anaclerio creates mosh-worthy music with his heavy rock band Winter Beach

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Luke Anaclerio, a junior at Syracuse University in suburban Chicago, wants to be taken seriously. He tries to reflect this with his band, Winter Beach.

“Since I wanted to devote a lot of my time and hopefully my career to playing music, if I can, I looked for a lot of people who are willing to do it,” Anaclerio said. “I think that’s where my seriousness comes from because I need to share this feeling of just wanting to make music with other people.”

Anaclerio started the group in 2017, when he was in high school, and originally named them The Martins. He started the group with his close friend Bill Crimmins as they searched for an outlet outside of their high school jazz band. But, when the duo couldn’t create a Spotify account under the name The Martins – since the name was already taken – they changed their band’s name to Winter Beach, in reference to a beach on Lake Michigan where Anaclerio and Crimmins were running for their school. cross-country team in winter.

Anaclerio started at SU in the fall semester of 2019, and the move separated him from Crimmins. At first he tried to make music on his own, but Anaclerio said this new transition came with growing pains.


The group attempted to create music from a distance – Crimmins goes to the University of Illinois – but it was difficult for them to create music at the same time due to their separation, and the group only released two singles at that time.

“It was frustrating because we wanted to do it, but it just wasn’t working. So Winter Beach kind of turned into my solo project shortly after that time, ”said Anaclerio.

The two close friends agreed it was better for Anaclerio to bring Winter Beach to Syracuse. Although Anaclerio kept the name of the band, he doesn’t make music on his own now. Samm Grass, junior at SU, joined the band two years ago as a bassist.

Along with this change in personnel, there has been a change in music, Anaclerio said. Although Winter Beach started out as light and more influenced by indie rock, the group now makes heavier music as Anaclerio’s musical tastes have changed. Winter Beach’s most recent album, “The Great and the Grim,” combines elements of indie rock with Midwestern emo. For Grass, however, categorizing it into a genre can be tedious.

“It’s just heavy,” Grass said with a smile.

While making music, Anaclerio said he doesn’t try to hide his inspirations. Whether it’s the English singer-songwriter King Krule or the heavy punk band Worlds Worst, the music of Winter Beach is a synthesis of all the music Anaclerio listens to.

“The way I see it is that I just want to make music that I want to hear,” Anaclerio said. “And for some reason I listen to more heavy music now.”

While Winter Beach initially made lighter music, they have now moved on to heavier sound.
Arthur Maiore | Staff photographer

What Anaclerio and Grass look forward to as a group is performing live, Anaclerio said, because both musicians love to perform on stage and let go completely. Grass said he personally enjoys “going wild on stage.”

When writing songs, Anaclerio is eager to perform them on stage. He still remembers the first mosh he started with one of the band’s most popular songs, “Service Dog”.

“One of the shows we played at a place called the Deli. A few years ago my friend Dan conducted it and he was playing in the band at the time. And that was our first mosh, and that was “service dog,” ”Anaclerio said. “It was exactly what I wanted the song to be.”

Even the musicians who play with the band part-time feel the energy of Winter Beach after their set. Grady Collingbourne, a sophomore at SU, has played drums for some of Winter Beach’s more recent performances. Collingbourne saw playing for Winter Beach as an opportunity to release a lot of energy and have a cathartic experience while playing.

“(The performances are) aggressive. So it’s a good way to release energy, ”said Collingbourne. “Music is always a good expression, which sounds cliché, but it really is.”


When it comes to making new music, the process is sporadic. Anaclerio likes to write when he has time, which hasn’t been a lot lately, as projects and finals take up most of his free time. But Anaclerio is more excited than ever to write for Winter Beach.

Whether Winter Beach has a new look or not, one thing will always remain: they want to be taken seriously.

“You might be the weirdest, craziest person, but if you seem confident and serious with yourself, people will take you seriously,” Grass said.