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Malaysian rock band Search found their new singer Denden Gonjalez through their YouTube covers

Malaysian rock band Search have revealed their replacement for longtime singer Amy – Indonesian YouTuber Denden Gonjalez.

Veteran rockers have been without a singer since Amy’s departure in 2020 due to complications with her voice quality, but it looks like the band has found a replacement, according to Search guitarist Noordin Mohd. Taib.

Speaking to local media Kosmo! On December 31, Taib said, “Search chose Denden because of his powerful voice and ability to sing in a high pitch, which suits our repertoire of music.”

“From a credibility standpoint, he’s no stranger to the Indonesian music scene due to his popularity on YouTube for posting covers over the past five years. In fact, we found it out on YouTube.

Watch Gonjalez “join” the group for a jam session via a video posted to his YouTube channel:

Taib also announced that longtime Search collaborator Yan will join the band permanently as bassist. Yan has a long history with Search, having first contributed his musical prowess to their 1985 debut album, “Cinta Buatan Malaysia”, and has since joined them on the album “Rampage” and their collaboration with other veteran rockers. Wings, “Double Trouble”. .

Bandung-based Gonjalez has become a sensation on YouTube thanks to his raw and powerful voice, regularly garnering hundreds of thousands of views with his cover videos. He became the face of a viral hit by making an appearance on the talent show Voices from Bulgaria in October 2021 with his cover of ‘She’s Gone’ by Steelheart, featuring YouTube video of his performance scoring over 5.94 million views at the time of writing.

He also wrote his own original material, having recently released the song. ‘Mimpi’ back in September 2021.

Search are one of Malaysia’s foremost rock bands, having released 11 studio albums starting with their debut “Cinta Buatan Malaysia” (“Malaysian Made Love”) in 1985. The band is widely known for their single ” Isabella “from 1989, as well as other hits from 1987 such as” Gadisku “(” My Daughter “),” Fantasia Bulan Madu “(” Honeymoon Fantasia “), and more.

In May 2021, the group became embroiled in a dispute over unlicensed Search merchandise produced and sold by online retailer and merchandising company Home of Champions, a dispute that Taib said was the worst at the time. conflict that the group has known for decades. The two sides have since reached an agreement as Home of Champions now promotes official research products.